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Preparing for a Massage

I perform massages in the comfort of your own home. Most massages occur with your dog lying on my massage bedding on the floor. It is important that the massage occur in a calm environment with few interruptions (human or other pets) so your dog can receive the full benefits of the massage.

Your dog’s vaccinations must be up-to-date. To protect my own and other dogs, your dog must not have fleas or ticks or be suffering from an infectious condition (such as kennel cough). Please wait until the fleas have been treated or the illness has passed before making an appointment. 

Your dog should not have eaten more recently than 90 minutes prior to the massage session. Please potty your dog prior to my arrival. If your dog has food allergies, please have appropriate treats on hand.

Some dogs relax almost immediately when the first massage begins. However, it is not unusual for dogs to be nervous for their first few massages and to take a few sessions before they fully relax. This is perfectly normal behavior.

After the massage, please allow your dog access to clean water and a place to potty.

*** Please know that there are some conditions in which massage is not recommended. These include: 

     * Fever

     * Shock

     * Acute Swelling

     * Skin infections and/or bacterial diseases

     * Broken bones

     * Pregnancy

     * When the veterinarian says no  

If you are unsure whether your dog should receive a massage, please consult with your veterinarian.

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