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     Janet massaged m 9 year Beagle who has back issues and my 3 year old Golden Retriever, Casey, who is very athletic. Shorty, the Beagle, enjoyed his massages and appeared more comfortable and spry after his sessions. Casey loved his massages and the sessions loosened his tight muscles. He runs and plays on the beach every morning and is very muscular. I highly recommend Janet as she loves dogs and does a wonderful job with the massages. --- Veronika

     Thanks to Janet Jonas, Certified Canine Massage Therapist, I spoiled all of my babies today. Everyone either got one of her canine massages or a treat. They all loved their special attention, even Potter. If you want to do the same for your dog, visit Janet's website and contact her for an in-home appointment
( and contact her for an in-home appointment. --- Pam

     Janet has been so wonderful for my 10 year old Dusty! He has a touch of arthritis in his hind legs and had pulled muscles overcompensating for it and was so sore he couldn't jump up in the car or on the bed for a few weeks. It was obvious that he enjoyed every minute of his treatment with Janet each week and it made me feel wonderful watching him relax with her. She has really helped both of us! Thank you Janet!! --- Sheila

     Kibo is a 13-14 year-old rescue with advanced arthritic changes. He's still a handsome, brave "English setter," but he is much happier and braver because of his friend Janet Jonas. When she comes to see Kibo to give him a gentle massage, he smiles! After his massage, he moves more easily and willingly. Of course, he can't tell us with words, but we're sure that if he could, he would say, "Thank you for my massage and for Janet!" --- Nina    

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